Episode 103: Doing Grief Your Own Way, Motherhood, And Trusting In Your Journey, With Hajni Erdelyi

Hajni Erdelyi says the work she does with her clients is to help them to peel back all those layers of the onion, to connect in to the truth of who they are—and so much of that has to do with embodiment. For me, every time I speak with Hajni I feel like I discover a new layer, as if her onion too is peeling before me. 😉  

On the surface she may present as a Physiotherapist who knew quite early on that she wanted to work with the body. However it was turning points in her personal rather than her professional life, that really shaped the teacher and empowerment leader she is today.  

We talk about her transition into motherhood, loss and recovery from grief—and how her processing and digesting of her own trauma has led her to a deeper place to lead her client’s through their own empowerment journey. We also talk about the power of getting to know your body, including experiencing that wild part of you. 

This is a story for any woman who has ever felt out of touch and is ready to reconnect with themselves. 

Resources and links mentioned: 

Connect with Hajni via her website or on Facebook.  

Hajni mentioned a powerful book called Patriarchy Stress Disorder, by Valerie Rein.