You Don’t Need The ‘Big’ Things To Feel Good – You Need This

We spend so many years chasing the next thing, the degree, the job, the promotion, the big projects, the relationships, the house, the holidays that we can get caught up in the busyness of it all. 

We think we need the BIG things to feel good in our lives. Yet the moment we ‘achieve’ that big thing (promotion, new job, house, etc), instead of feeling good, we keep chasing

What if the power of feeling good and living a full, joyful life, actually rested in the smaller things? The simplicity of waking up without an alarm clock. Of watching the rain sprinkle outside the door as you sit comfortably inside. The taste of your first mouthful of coffee in the morning, how it dances on your tongue and infuses your soul with warmth. The smell of a slow-cooked casserole that’s been in the oven for hours. 

Most of us can recognise these smaller things do bring us joy. And when asked to pay attention to them we can notice even more of them. 

Yet – are you prioritising them? Or are you still chasing the BIG things? 

The more I’ve simplified my life, my business, my home, my meals, my daily routine – the deeper my experience of joy has become. The simplicity brings me the spaciousness to acknowledge all the beauty. All the feelings that already exist inside. Giving me the space to actually breathe it all in. 

That simplicity has expanded my life in ways I could not have imagined, during times I could not have imagined. It’s given me the capacity to bring joy and lightness to a really tough, turbulent past year or two. It’s supported me to soften into all the places I already experience joy in my life, to find the same pleasure in sitting in the gutter drinking a coffee that I used to find inside a coffee shop. To find excitement, adventure and joy in getting engaged in the middle of a pandemic with all restaurants, shops, travel and ‘socialising’ closed. And I wouldn’t choose it to be any other way. 

How could you simplify your life? Where are you over-complicating things? How could you soften into the beauty of what already exists? 

As you do so, you’ll find a deepening into your life, settling into that feeling you’ve been craving and that may at times get clouded over by all the “stuff” that is going on in your life. That feeling of deep satisfaction, fullness in your heart, and pure, pure joy.