Episode 106: Mastering Stress And Doing Things Your Way, With Lily Potter

Today’s guest is someone who I look to for inspiration for self-trust, strong boundaries and a consistent willingness to learn. Lily Potter is a health coach, ‘inner mammal’ trainer, teacher and mama. She’s navigated all sorts of challenges and joys of life from healing infertility and acne, through to divorce and starting her own business and everything in between. Lily’s curiosity for understanding the depth of life has given her this strength and commitment to change that is so unique (and inspiring!). She now teaches her clients how to build in healthy comfort habits and to develop stress mastery (which still includes the reduction of stressors and management techniques) – helping them to feel at ease and have a sense of freedom. We get into all sorts of topics in this conversation, from how to develop ‘stress mastery’, through to self-trust, and overcoming feelings of shyness (particularly when they’re keeping you small) and so much more. 

She is also training to be a Functional Nutritionist as well and will be able to help her clients solve complex physical and mental issues regarding their digestion, mood, chronic illnesses, autoimmune disorders etc. Going through a health crisis can also lead to stress mastery when faced with a curious and open mind. It takes grit to get through and I will be combining my work around stress to further support people on their healing journeys.   

Links and resources mentioned: 

To connect further with Lily, check out her website https://www.lilyhopepotter.com/ or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lily.hope.potter/.  

We also talked about a ‘feelings list’ and a needs list.