Episode 29: Getting To Know Yourself, Finding Clarity & All Things Healing With Jasmin Harsono

Saying yes to things that feel aligned. Nothing feeling forced. Feeling good in what you’re doing. These are all things Jasmin Harsono has at this point in her life. And it’s a result of what she says a process of “getting to know myself all over again”. Experiencing health problems and severe depression from her teens her real turning point happened around eight years ago when she started turning to more healing modalities. Her curiosity grew from there and she’s navigated herself to a place now where she is not only feeling “really really right” about herself and her life, she’s teaching and guiding others to create that same depth of wellbeing in her life. We talk about how she stopped playing the victim in her life, the value of taking time to be with yourself, and how healing happens on all levels – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Her business, Emerald and Tiger, now fuses the synergies of modern life, conscious living and ancient practices such as Reiki, Sound and Meditation to help people to heal from within. 

Links and resources mentioned: 

Jasmin’s website, Emerald and Tiger 

Connect with Jasmin on Instagram @emeraldandtiger 

Jasmin’s new book “Self Reiki” 

Jonathan Goldman, sound healing teacher