Episode 40: How To Keep Going No Matter What

Have you ever found yourself a little distracted from your goals, or lacking motivation or energy to keep going after a couple of setbacks? Today’s episode is all about how you can support yourself during these moments to remain fuelled and energised to keep going no matter. As we move between seasons or “phases” of our goal-setting or dream-creation, there’s these micro pauses or transitions that take place. Paying more attention to how you’re supported yourself in between and during the transitions can have a big impact on your follow through. Whether that’s a transition from your busy work day to an evening out with friends, or it’s a transition from the goals you thought you’d have achieved in quarter one to quarter two. I talk about how having a vision set from a place of joy guarantees you actually follow through, how you can use these “transition moments” to take stock and recharge, and why remaining flexible allows the momentum of your progress to build.