Episode 46: How To Not Get Swept Up In Others’ Emotions

I got asked this question recently and realised it comes up a lot in different ways. How do we not get swept up by how others are feeling around us? Whether it’s their grumpy mood, their complaining about the boss, or even their pain and challenges they are facing. As an “empath” or highly sensitive person, I’ve spent most of my life deeply feeling everything around me. From worrying about the elderly lady struggling up the stairs, to taking on the pain and discomfort of loved ones with the velocity of it being my own. I’ve come to realise that it’s not necessary (nor possible) to own someone else’s emotions. In fact, it’s an endless battle that’ll just leave you depleted and unable to support and hold space in the way you so lovingly want to. Today’s episode is all about what you can do with those emotions, how to process them and how to create boundaries that protect your energy so that you can stay in a grounded, loving, creative space.