Episode 57: Jumping In, Believing In Yourself And Always Always Dreaming With Noriko Kusano

I have so much to say about this episode that I’m left kinda stumped as to where to start.  

The woman I’m about to introduce you to is special for many many reasons. I’ve witnessed her transformation and dedicated commitment to her dreams for twenty years now, and yet there’s something even more magical happening right now.  

The more she has “jumped in” the more of her light you see.  

Noriko Clarke left Japan at the young age of 15 years old, to study abroad in Australia and well, never returned. A mama to two gorgeous girls, fashion and graphic designer, and expat mother’s coach—she really is seemingly “doing it all” now. She’s more passionate than ever before about her dream to support women, who like her may have never really considered how to integrate the challenges and joys of raising a bilingual and bicultural family, whilst navigating the internal dialogues of am I doing this right? 

For a while there, she felt like she had lost herself. Noriko shares in this conversation from a vulnerable place – we go deep, quickly. We’ve known each other for so long, it’s hard not to. And what I love so much is that this was a whole new experience for her, something she’s never done before and yet she jumped straight in. A theme we talk lots about throughout the episode—about how having that strong dream has fuelled her no matter what, how her beliefs of figuring it out and never stopping learning have kept her sane and energised despite periods of immense challenge (learning a new language, motherhood and losing her father), and why one of the most transformative lessons came when she decided she needed more time for herself. 

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Links and resources mentioned: 

Noriko’s website: https://norikoclarke.com/ and Instagram @norikoclarkeofficial