When There’s So Much Out Of Your Control, This Tool Will Give You Certainty

A few weeks ago I’d been reflecting on the fact that I’d been putting on sunscreen for the previous few days consistently. 

Not overly the most exciting news to be sharing with you right now, except that putting on sunscreen is a rare activity for me. 

The “real” sunscreen. The stuff that smells of beach days and gets sticky and greasy the moment you smear it on your screen. That when it gets on your sunglasses your vision becomes blurry for days, despite incessant wiping and even washing with detergent. 

As an Aussie living in London my use of the “real deal” sunscreen plummeted dramatically with our move. It was only when on visits back in Oz, finding ourselves constantly asking family we were staying with “where’s the sunscreen” that we noticed how far removed from our regular routine it had become. 

Until, the past few weeks. At least more consistently. It’s actually been well over a month ago that I pulled the sunscreen down from the top shelf in the bathroom cupboard. The one where I have to stand on tippy toes whilst simultaneously holding a hand above my head to shelter me from falling objects as I grab onto top shelf items. 

We’re having an incredible and gloriously sunshiney spring come summer. And on the official first day of summer, the intensity of the sun on my skin on my afternoon walk seemed to have risen even more to mark the occasion. 

As the sun intensifies it’s made me even more conscious of the changing season. That there has been change, and continues to be change. That I could say in the lead up to today, the first day of summer, “wow that went fast” and equally say “argh when will it be summer again” depending on the day I’m having. 

Yet the change continues. 

And in some paradoxical way, it is the only certain thread. The thing I know to be most true is that we are now moving into a season of summer, and after that autumn, and after that… I think you know where I’m headed with this. 

And while there’s so much I don’t know and can’t control – like when my favourite pastry shop will start delivering to my area ?, or how many people will read this blog, or whether it’ll be sunny again tomorrow – there is one tool that helps me immensely to feel more in control and certain about my life. 


And not just any planning. My way is a little unconventional you could say. It’s very much about feeling good. And consistency. 

The start of summer is an ideal time to be planning – reflecting on how far you have come so far this year (yes we’re almost at the midway point now), where you still want to be, what’s making you feel great, and what you could let go of. 

What could you do today to take a mini pause to reflect?  

It could be as simple as asking yourself: What’s making me feel great so far this year? What’s been a drain? And, what do I still want to create?