Episode 60: How To Master Planning When You Can’t Really Make Plans

There is a lot that is uncertain in the world right now (and, always).

Trying to “handle it all” is exhausting and futile. We tell ourselves if we can just read that extra book this week or check in with that friend or read more of the news or focus on that deadline at work, then everything will feel better.

What we’re really saying to ourselves is that we want our control back.

And the issue with focusing on all the things we have to “handle” first, is that we only ever end up with a temporary fix. Because, there’s always more news, more phone calls, more books, more deadlines.

The tool I’ve relied on for decades to bring me back to a place of certainty, no matter how uncertain my life has felt is, planning.

And not just any planning.

My approach is unconventional.

In today’s episode I’m sharing 3 of the main pillars I use to take myself through a mid-year review and planning process. It’s what I use to fuel my dreams, and create more joy and ease in my life consistently.

If you’ve been worrying how you’re going to make plans amidst all the global uncertainty right now, then you need a new system, and this episode will give you the inspiration you need. ?

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