Episode 74: Following Your Intuition Even If You Don’t Know How, With Sara Walka

Loving all things witchy, enchanted and fantastical, Sara Walka didn’t always “fit in” as a kid. She says she was told she was “wise beyond her years” and while that felt right, after a while it also felt like she didn’t belong. 

Gradually pulling away from all she knew, to do instead what she though she “should” do, led her to an meltdown. 

Sara shares in this episode how she took that meltdown, and a seemingly “wobbly” career path – from selling candy and being on the road, to grad school and teaching, to advocating for children with special needs – into everything that she now does. Showing up as her full, magical self now, and supporting thousands of other women to lean into their intuition, conjure joy and make everyday magic through her business, The Sisters Enchanted. 

We could all do with a little more magic in our lives, and Sara’s here to inspire you to find more of yours. 

We talk about: 

  • not fitting in as a kid and feeling like you don’t belong 
  • how Sara’s “meltdown” reconnected her to her knowing 
  • the things we do to feel accepted 
  • finding the clarity moments to know what to do next 
  • how we all have an inner knowing, and what to do to listen to yours 

And so much more!  

Links and resources mentioned: 

Sara’s website: thesistersenchanted.com  

Find her on Facebook and Instagram @the_sisters_enchanted