Episode 73: Getting To Know Your Desires And What Blocks You Feeling Good

How much time do you spend considering what it is you actually want in your life?  

Chances are that even if you do ponder this at times, you tend to block yourself from “going too far”. We have this tendency to focus on all the symptoms that make our life feel challenging – the stress management, the time management. Which can cloud us when it comes to making decisions about what we really want. 

This conversation starter is about a critical theme that has the power to transform your relationship with yourself, your loved ones, and support you to ditch your stress (and busyness) entirely. 

In this episode I  invite you to get curious and explore: 

  • what it is you most desire, and how often you really consider this 
  • blocks to feeling good and how to start to remove them 
  • considering you feeling good as a powerful way to charge your energy and clarity in your life 

All so you can strengthen your feel-good muscles. And if you want to take this even deeper into your life, come join my free 5 Day Feel Good Challenge is open and the next round starts 7 Sep 2020. Sign up at daniellebrooker.com/feelgoodchallenge