A Lot Can Change In A Week: Lessons In Getting Comfy With Discomfort

A lot can change in a week. 
I had a mentor who used to say change can happen in an instant. And, while I believe him and have certainly experienced moments that have felt like instantaneous shifts – when you’re in the depths of frustration and stagnation that kind of comment can feel, well, annoying. 
It’s comments like that, that can actually completely knock me off course. Or fire up my inner tiger that just wants to pounce. 
Like when my partner just told me earlier today to “just be appreciative” when I was having a tantrum (yes, it was food related, they tend to be 😂). And yes – I know I could just be more appreciative. But in that specific moment, I was in tantrum energy. 
Change doesn’t have to feel comfortable in an instant. You can still feel like batting it away when it first arrives. Or you can desperately plea for it to happen faster. 
I think there are so many different variations of how we allow our lives to unfold, whilst staying true to ourselves. 
Last week I was muddled. I felt like I was on the brink of a big change, or at least some sense of “aha!” was brewing. Yet every time I reached for it, I got the wind knocked out of me. 
As if I was being taught some universal lesson. One that I thought, surely, surely by now I’d figured out. 
As a recovering ” do too mucher” the idea of not doing anything used to put me in a spin. Somone would tell me to just “stop being so busy all the time”, or ask me “do you really have to take that on too right now?”. 
“Me, busy? I’m not busy!” 
Once again the inner tiger would pounce, in the form of adding more to do to my plate just to show them! 
These days I crave the do-nothingness. I’ve gotten to know its secret treasures and how it fuels my creative process. 
I know with the space comes the answers. I know the more I rest (I took a random 30 min nap yesterday afternoon and sprung back into my day!) the better I perform. Not just in my business, but as a human. 
I’m kinder, calmer, more loving. Even more appreciative, with less tantrums too. 😉 
I was on the edge of my transition from do nothingness last week – wondering when will the treasures be here? I knew it was “good for me” to allow the space, but I was also starting to reach a bit. 
Which is why I come back to: a lot can change in a week. 
I caught myself reaching and got the lesson I needed again. No clarity, or ahas come from pushing. I relinquished control and got comfy in my discomfort. 
And then, it happened. 
I sat down wtih my notebooks and coffee on hand. Blank. Tapping my pen. Staring. And it popped into my heart. 
In a flurry of moments, 5mins tops I had connected dots that before then felt like foreign worlds to me. Suddenly my creative spirit knew what to do, when to do it, and why. 
I’m not promising you’ll get comfortable with change in a split second, or even get the kind of clarity or next step you’re craving right now. But I promise you, it’s all part of the process. 
That feeling of “nothing is happening right now!” - own it! There are treasures buried deep within it.