Episode 72: Mastering Your Relationship With Yourself, With Julie Johnson

At 5 years old she’d made a clear decision as to what she wanted to be when she grew up. And, she did it! Working her butt off for 20 years as a veterinarian, Julie Johnson had essentially created her ‘dream life’. She’d travelled, met her husband, and was doing work she loved. 

Yet she was working 60-80 hour weeks, with a growing family and competing priorities. There came a point where she knew her lifestyle needed to change. She says the decision was easy, when she was asked her self one simple question (you’ll have to tune in to find out what it was! 😉). 

Having created a deeper relationship with herself, Julie realised her love of her career was actually much more to do with the people, and knowing this gave her the fuel to create the lifestyle she now leads—integrating her priorities of health, family and people. 

Julie is a Leadership and Performance Coach, specialising in the Agricultural industry where she supports leaders to magnetise their success through a whole system lens, centred on people.

On this episode we talk about:

  • career choices when you love what you do but know things need to change 
  • navigating the pendulum of decisions around work, home, and motherhood and how to not get caught up in guilt
  • becoming more present with where you are right now 
  • why Julie believes investing in yourself is a top priority 
  • how her most painful lessons have actually given her more appreciation for life 

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