Episode 71: Going Deep To Get To Know Yourself Fully

How’s your “small talk” game? For many years I’d go about new conversations in a way that I thought I “should”. I’d make polite chit chat about the weather and make sure I was inquiring in to everything about the other person – even if it wasn’t of interest, felt negative, or frankly, was boring to me!

I’d walk away from those moments feeling exhausted, like someone had zapped my energy, and kept wondering why. Over time I’ve realised that part of the reason is because I’m a deep person. I thrive on deep conversations and want to have that level of connection in my life.

How well do you know yourself? And if you’re depleted from certain activities or experiences in your life, could it be that you’re not getting to the depth of what lights you up most?

Today in this “conversation starter” episode you’ll explore how to have conversations with yourself, continue to unlayer all your truths, and get real with yourself. 😉 I touch on:

  • how to cultivate connection (with yourself and others)
  • exploring your energy and what feels good to you, and
  • owning your truth.