Episode 83: Freedom From Busy Part 1: You Can Love Your Job And Still Need To Quit

I get asked lots of questions about why I do what I do. Or how I “got here”.

To be honest, they’re my favourite kind of questions because I just love hearing people’s stories myself. I love hearing how the dots all make sense looking backwards.

I love hearing the different “choose your own adventure” pathways that people take and the mix of life that comes together to bring them to this moment right now.

So this episode is a little different to usual – the first in a series where I’m sharing my journey in response to these Qs. I’m giving a little insight into my own adventure. And a flavour for why I’m where I am right now. And, how I got to be “here”.

My intention is that by reading about my journey something sparks in you to feel like your adventure is just as fun.

And, most importantly, to show you what’s possible when you free yourself from busy and reclaim your joy.