Episode 82: Getting Relief From All The Pressure

Are you someone who chooses to do all the things? You make sure you are taking care of all the people in your life, saying yes to all the activities and also balancing growing in your profession?

When we want to grow, learn, love, and achieve it can be easy to get caught in the trap of believing we have to do it all – to achieve it all.

Yet “busy” becomes a behaviour that actually keeps us more stuck, than it does contribute to our successes. What if you could free yourself of all the doing? What if you could achieve all that you wanted, without the pressure and tension and stress?

Over time I’ve redefined my relationship with busy. And it started with one critical ingredient, which I’m sharing more about in this episode.

Tune in to find out more and to start your very own journey to freeing yourself from busy.

Links and resources mentioned: Gabby Bernstein