Episode 84: Freedom From Busy Part 2: What Your Tears Are Telling You

Got a lot of pent up emotion and not sure where it’s coming from? You’re getting snappy with your partner constantly, finding your siblings frustrating and can’t understand why every time you messaged your bestie you want to burst into tears. What is going on?! 

When I started to come home crying every single day, it prompted me to stop putting everything down to “stress” at work. Our emotions give us many clues, signals to what could really be going on beneath the surface. Yet so often we’re quick to dismiss them, or push them aside as “busyness” takes over. 

In today’s episode I’m sharing my personal story – the next step in the tale – of freeing myself from busy. And this step had a lot to do with tears and what they were telling me at the time. 😉