How To Immediately Create Your Own Feel-Good Finish To The Year Free Of Busyness

I’ve been dipping my toe in the festive spirit these past few weeks. Slowly enticing myself to acknowledge that it’s December.

Except, it’s not all felt festive. There’s been a dance between joy and gripping. Excitement and tenderness. Love and anxiousness.

I know all too well how “quickly” this time of year can hook itself in and before I know it wrap me up in its busy-cloak.

So I’ve gotten more intentional. Every year, I’ve become more and more conscious to create even more spaciousness than ever before.

I find myself asking, what else could I let go of? Release from my diary? Say no to? Reschedule until next year?

Because December is a short month – not in days, but in its energy! And it deserves all of our attention. It’s a culminating month – a closure of all that has been in the 11 months leading up to that point.

It’s not the time to:

✨ add more to your to-dos before year-end

✨ cram in new projects

✨ suddenly realise you haven’t “caught up” (even virtually) with your extensive network and rapidly start filling the diary

✨ beat yourself up for what you haven’t done yet this year

It IS the time to:

✨ let go – of expectations, of things to “get done”, of pressured goals

✨ acknowledge yourself (it’s been a BIG year!)

✨ welcome in warmth (cuddles, cups of tea, grounding yoga sessions, long chats with soulful friends)

✨ stop scheduling

✨ give to yourself

I’ve been tempted to add more in to my life this month and I’ve been doing my best to notice when that feeling arises. The thoughts buzzing. The eagerness. The pushiness.

To help me to realign with ease and joy, I’ve purposefully put in some “control measures” and getting festive is one of them!

Sometimes it feels a little early or a little “forced” for me to get started on festive feelings at this time of year – however I know that when I start prioristing them in my diary they entice me with their wind down, holiday feels. They remind me that that time of the year is coming, when I always give myself a full 2-week STOP.

And they invite the rest of me to play catch up.

Maybe getting festive is not your thing, what else could you put in place to send you signals to slow down?

Because I promise you, when you choose softness this season, you will be rewarded. With more energy to share with loved ones, no matter how far or close they are. With more presence to take in the magic all around you. With more calm to rebalance your system. And, of course, with more JOY