Episode 89: Practical Strategies To Release Your Inner Control Freak And Reclaim Your Joy

Finding yourself with competing priorities right now? Working from home, trying to maintain a healthy exercise routine, kids, friends, parents, business goals and dreams. It can all get overwhelming very quickly—and often it’s at that point that we choose to do even more thinking it might make us feel better. Yet it leaves us exhausted. There is a better way. One that guarantees you can still achieve all that you want, with more ease and joy. 

In today’s episode I’m sharing the heart of how to free yourself from busy. I talk you through some of the core principles from my new book, Freedom from Busy: Practical Strategies to Release Your Inner Control Freak and Reclaim Your Joy. I cover how our inner control freak shows up, why our emotions matter and how to start getting okay with them, and what to do when you feel like you’ve lost yourself. With these pillars in place, you will be well on your way to creating a life that completely lights you up! 

I’m currently gifting readers with a free 2hour Freedom from Busy Accelerator Workshop to dive deeper on the themes from the book. Check out www.freedomfrombusy.com. For more details and to purchase your copy today.