Episode 88: Freedom From Busy Part 5: Saying Yes To Your Dreams

I noticed some hesitancy to record this episode. As Part 5 in my personal Freedom from Busy journey, it was the point at which I really started to tune into what I really wanted. Made decisions that felt good to me. And trusted in the process to unfold. 

And, sharing this whole series with you all has felt even more vulnerable—as it didn’t all come smoothly. However I trust that by sharing this with you, it’ll unlock something powerful in your own journey. Speed it up. Give you an aha. Allow you to give yourself permission to fully shine and reclaim your joy. 

In Part 5 I go from sinking fully into coffee dates with myself and honouring the power of more space in my life, to questioning what I really want. I talk about tuning into what your body is telling you, questions to ask that’ll prompt a clear next step, and how I finally made my dream to live in London happen. 

In the next episode I’ll walk you through some of the tools and practices I share in my book, Freedom from Busy, which you can check out here: www.freedomfrombusy.com