How To Soften The Pressure That’s Building—And Let It Go

In case you need to hear this today…

… you don’t have to beat yourself up for not having time for self-care. For not getting around to doing all the things you want to do for you. Sometimes self-care really is as simple as acknowledging where you’re at.

And allowing it.

I get how hard that can be, particularly when you’re in the midst of exhaustion from juggling all the plates at home and work, and keeping up with all the changing regulations right now.

However, that allowing is really your friend. Your softening comes after you allow.

So you don’t have to keep up with everything that’s going on right now. May this note today be your permission to let things go a little.

Find comfort in not getting to the dishes in a timely fashion. Find comfort in taking massive sighs throughout your day. Find comfort in putting a line straight through that task on your list to “get to that online yoga class”.

Maybe today, this week, or even this month, is your time to just be. Be with everything that is around you and not add to the list, to the pressures, to the demands, or even to the need to “have” self-care.

Because your self-care, it’s already inside of you. That comfort, that hug-like feeling, that sense of relief—it’s within you already.

I promise you will feel it when you allow yourself to just be right now.

So here’s my invitation for you today—what unwritten rules, series of lists, or high expectation you’ve been holding yourself too could you just let go?

Write it down. Literally. Right now. 😉 And then scribble it out, tear it up, burn it, kiss it, bless it, hug it. Let it go.

You’re doing great. You are doing so great.