Going Slow When You’re Meant To Go Fast

I’m in the middle of launching my very first book into the world. Publication day was last Friday. There’s been multiple moving parts—from editing, to formatting, to learning how to upload on Amazon, to inviting people to my launch party, to sharing on social media, creating graphics, design edits, and more!

And, there’s even more I could be doing.

Instead of using this opportunity to speed up I’ve instead been slowing down. After my virtual launch party, I switched off from work. Spent the rest of the weekend going slowly. Which equalled long walks through the park, drinking coffee on the sidewalk, and watching rom-coms (dutifully joined by my partner 😉).

I could have been doing so much. After all my vision for this book is BIG. I want it to reach the hands of millions of women worldwide, impacting their lives in an instant way, so they can fully step into their light and reclaim their joy.

But I’m not speeding up. I’m slowing down.

This could sound counter-intuitive. Especially to the high-achiever in all of us. Shouldn’t we do more? Show up in a bigger way? Add to the list?

Those questions inevitably leave me feeling useless, unworthy and like I have nothing to say. They reduce me to my lowest form of self-doubt and make me wonder who I am. I get lost.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve made a conscious choice to reinvent the way I show up in my world, and the world. Instead of buying into more, more, faster, faster. I choose spaciousness and plenty of go-slow. And I ramp up my go-slow time particularly when I have a lot on.

And – it works!

I’m feeling calm, connected, grounded and excited. I had 30 incredible people in my community and support network show up live to give their support and love for my launch party. They witnessed and honoured my intention for Freedom from Busy to make a huge impact in the world.

I’ve filled up on their love and support and honoured my body too.

And so instead of feeling exhausted, drained and wondering ‘when this will end’ when it comes to my book-launching to-dos, I feel centred and grateful.

I know everything will ‘get done’ if and when it needs to. And the other stuff is just a distraction.

I’m honouring my place of calm.

Where in your life could you do the same? I promise you the results will surpass anything you could imagine right now. Less really does equal more.