How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

Pot plant by window with light streaming in

I’ve been stumbling creatively a lot this week. My breath is getting caught in my chest and I’ve been noticing a sense of stuckness there too. I’ve been pushing through a little, wanting to just ‘get things done’ even though I know better.

I went to a meditation class last night and they have these beautiful intention cards, and you choose one at the end of the session. I usually do this intuitively (i.e. I close my eyes and select one at random).

Last night I picked up the box and a card fell out ‘surrender’. I picked it up, put it back in the deck and shuffled.

For some reason I was closing my eyes as I shuffled and ended up dropping half the deck! ‘Surrender’ lay face up and the rest were face down. I picked them all up again, this time shuffling a little more carefully, still eyes closed.

Finally, I was ready to select my card, still at random.

Are you getting where this story is headed?


For a third time.

The card was all about how the more you surrender the more you open yourself up to the possibilities around you. The more you can trust, the more that will unfold.

Less restriction, more flow.

Just what I needed to hear.

Has that ever happened to you?

Where you’ve got a message from someone, or some thing right at the exact moment you need an answer to something? Or somehow it just really hit home?

I like to think it’s not a coincidence and that there’s some universal mystery at work that has my back at all times, if I could just get out of my own way long enough.

In the meditation, we were asked to tune in to our ego and how it felt, and then to let it go. And notice how that felt too.

To me it felt free. Like a big weight dropped off me and I was able to move with a smile on my face. Like an open gate. It felt right. Joyful even. Expressive.

So much of our ego can get in the way of what makes us so beautiful and unique.

We get clouded with judgements of ourselves and try to force decisions from a place of fog instead of clarity.

I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to always make decisions and take action from that place of free, expressive, joyfulness that filled me up the moment I released my ego.

If this all just sounds a bit ridiculous to you, try right now, even for a moment closing your eyes and tuning in to what ‘ego’ feels like in your body. Your body knows the answer.

Maybe you’ll notice a heaviness, or lightness, a movement, or a stillness. It doesn’t matter what it feels like to you, what matters is that you have that awareness.

Next time I’m feeling stuck, this card, Surrender, will be echoing with me (and now, hopefully with you too ?). A soft reminder to trust that all is unfolding as it is meant to.

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