How To Release Some Of The Intensity Of This Year

While this whole year has been big, the past month in particular has brought even more intensity to the surface. A culmination of all the months leading up to this point. Global changes. Conversations about year-end. Uncertainty about the new year.

I have been speaking to friends in Europe, the UK, and the US and know that there are changes going on that can throw up a lot of emotions.

A few weeks ago I shared a voice message inside my Joy Club membership group to acknowledge this. I said “While it can feel exhausting to absorb all that is going on and make plans for adjustments – know that however you are feeling right now is completely okay.”

I then shared 3 things they could do to support themselves right now and I’m sharing them with you below.

1. How are you honouring your emotions right now?

Often our instinct is to want to push away any intensity, or pretend everything is okay, when really on the inside we’re feeling a little anxious, wobbly, or just irritated.

Emotions in themselves are energy, and the more we bottle them up the more they find a way to harden and push their way out. When you can do your best to honour and allow them in, what happens is they actually soften and slowly dissipate.

It can feel a little scary to think you will “just give in” to that anger mounting or the tears stuck in your throat because you’re afraid you’ll get stuck there. However, studies have actually shown that emotions take 90secs to process. Meaning if you can give yourself permission to feel them, the intensity will pass and transform into something else in 90secs. I know you can do this.

Give it a go next time you’re feeling a big emotion and wanting to push it down, I promise you it will give you relief (and is so good for your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing).

2. How will you set yourself up with the right support this month?

Whether you are experiencing tightening pandemic restrictions, or in an intense political part of the world, or simply feeling everything that has yo-yo-ed this year—having the right support in place will be essential for you this month (and beyond), as we move through new transitions and changes.

Ask yourself what you need, then get to putting the plans in place now. Don’t wait until you feel a little “off” or fall into a stuck place later in the month, do it now. Maybe that looks like ordering extra bath salts and essential oils (I did!) or calling up your bestie and asking her to schedule in catch up calls each week with you, or finally getting around to dusting off that journal and putting it in a place where you remember to write in it daily. You know what feels good to you, being well planned and setting up your “container” of support ahead of time ensures you feel well taken care of, without having to think about it.

If you need an extra container of support, Joy Club was born out of us all wanting to come together as a community during a time of lots of change. We focus on supporting each other to reconnect to joy, find that grounding place, and of course welcome all emotions! Click here to join the waitlist for the next opening round.

3. Remember what you already know, and return to it.

Remember what you already know, and return to it.

I know this year has been big. But even this year deserves a feel good finish.

And these three steps above will guide you back to that place of centredness and calm. It’s from that place that our sense of groundedness, certainty and clarity returns with full strength. It’s time to focus on feeling good.