Episode 81: Advice For Freeing Yourself From Busy

When was the last time you stopped to celebrate your progress? To take in everything you have achieved – regardless of how you feel right now, I promise you, you have achieved plenty! 

What gets in the way of us celebrating and acknowledging ourselves? Busyness. 

Last month, the Let It Shine podcast celebrated it’s 1st Birthday! That’s a big deal and something to feel proud and excited about. While I didn’t stop on the day itself to celebrate, I did reach out to some of the show’s previous guests and asked them to pop back on with some advice. 

I asked them one question: What advice do you have for freeing yourself from busy? 

And I LOVE how they all responded. If you have ever felt squeezed, pulled in all directions, or the inner pressure start to rise – this episode is for you.  

In celebration of Let It Shine’s birthday, this episode is a montage of expert advice and inspiration for you all. You’ll hear from busy mamas, wellness experts, authors and mindset coaches – all who choose to live and lead their lives from a place of joy. 

In order of appearance in this episode, you heard from: 

Nancy-Jane Smith, Licensed Counsellor and High Anxiety Coach. Hear more on Episode 23 High Functioning Anxiety, Getting To Calm & Owning Your Uniqueness. Connect with Nancy on her website, including links to all her books and podcast, or Instagram @nancyjane_livehappier

Genevieve Parker Hill, author of an Amazon bestselling book Minimalist Living: Decluttering for Joy, Health and Creativity. Hear more on Episode 49 Experience Over Stuff And Changing Your Beliefs To Live More Freely. Connect with Genevieve on her website, or Instagram @genevievewrites 

Sophie Clyde-Smith, business coach for female solopreneurs. Hear more on Episode 37 Leaning Into Excitement, Trusting Yourself & Staying True To Your Values. Connect with Sophie on her website, or Instagram @sophieclydesmith

Gaelle Berruel, Motivational Speaker, a Mindset Mentor and a Wellbeing Expert, as well as a UK Ambassador for Psychologies magazine. Hear more on Episode 66 From Perfectionism To The Joy Of Slowing Down. Connect with Gaelle on her website, Instagram @arockstarmindset, and on A Rockstar Mindset podcast

Amparo Soto, Paediatric Occupational Therapist. Hear more on Episode 68 Being Your Own Best Advocate. Connect with Amparo on her Instagram

Sara Walka, founder of The Sisters Enchanted. Hear more on Episode 74 Following Your Intuition Even If You Don’t Know How. Connect with Sara on her website, or Instagram @the_sisters_enchanted

Natalie Eve, Ayurvedic therapist. Hear more on Episode 15 Following Your Dreams, Time Without Pressure & The Power Of Ayurveda. Connect with Natalie on her email.  

Sheila Botelho, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, online entrepreneur, and business mentor. Hear more on Episode 4 Going Against The Grain And Trusting In Your Dreams. Connect with Sheila in her website

Emmeline Boyce, Head Operations of Remind Studio. Hear more on Episode 25 Being Bold, Getting Curious And Tuning Back Into Yourself. Connect with Emmeline on her website

Lauren Armes, founder of Welltodo. Hear more on Episode 76 Thriving Through Change And Finding Your Heart’s Work. Connect with Lauren on her website, or Instagram @laurenarmes.