Episode 23: High Functioning Anxiety, Getting To Calm & Owning Your Uniqueness With Nancy-Jane Smith

Nancy describes herself as a wife, daughter, sister, friend and “mom” to three furry creatures – saying she loves her job and can’t believe she gets to make a living from helping people live more calm, present lives. She spent lots of her life wondering if she really fit in because she was always doing things “differently” and never gave herself much of a break for doing so.

After her Dad passed away she started embracing this “rebellion” more. Now a license counsellor, trainer and writer who supports people experiencing High Functioning Anxiety to live a happier life.

We talk about how being a human can be messy at times, our inner critics (and what to do with them), and how embracing her “rebellion” made Nancy much more intentional (and happier) in her life.

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Links and resources mentioned:

Nancy’s website, including links to all her books and podcast

Nancy’s Instagram @nancyjane_livehappier

Sarah Wilson’s book on anxiety