Joy Can Feel Scary, Here’s How To Keep Going And Transform Your Life

I get a few confused looks when I tell people ‘joy’ is scary.

Because naturally we think that feeling good is meant to be easy. That it should come to us naturally—and we don’t have to ‘work’ on it.

If that’s the case, then ask yourself: Am I experiencing as much joy as I could be right now?

There’s likely an instant “but…” that has arisen as you ask that question.

“No, but…” [insert a myriad of reasons like: that’s because things are really hard right now, I’m stressed, I’m moving, I’m changing jobs, I’m still in quarantine, we’ve had a tough year…].

That ‘but’ is the very thing that is blocking your joy. We believe it’s meant to come to us naturally, and yet we’re constantly stopping it with all our buts.

Instead of waiting for the buts to take their due course, what if you could skip straight to joy?

I’m not talking about negating the tough parts, nor am I talking about blatant ‘toxic positivity’ where you just ‘grin and bear it’—I’m talking about a far more impactful, sustainable way to change how you show up for yourself every single day.

One that promises you will feel good more often and always, always, find your way back to deep joy.

Joy is scary because it has become unfamiliar to us. It’s unpractised and therefore our brain literally thinks it’s dangerous. The very feelings that are evoked when you engage in something that brings you joy, can feel somewhat uncertain and new at times. And our brains are wired for safety. Aka certainty.

The great news is Neuroscience 101 tells us we can rewire our brains entirely! You can literally train yourself to let more joy in to your life.

Are you ready to feel the full impact of living a life feel of JOY?

That’s why all of my courses and coaching support focuses on shifting your behaviours to tune into your joy first. If you’re not sure where to start, download my free list of “99 Ways To Feel Good” and start practicing today!