Joy Is Not Just a ‘Nice to Have’ It’s a Necessity

It might sound obvious to you to prioritise your joy. To feel good. Yet so many of us are constantly stuck in cycles of stress, overwhelm and busyness.

We say we want to feel good. Yet our actions and behaviours lead with managing our stress first. We try to eliminate all of our pain and think that once that’s ‘sorted’, then we can feel good. Then it’ll be okay to jump with joy, to smile more, to laugh, to be fully present with our loved ones.

It’s all a bit backwards.

The only way to move yourself forward right now is to flip this whole paradigm entirely.

To live and lead from a place of joy first. Make it your priority and watch your pains soften.

Despite joy sounding like a nice to have, it’s actually a necessity. Joy rebalances our nervous system, completes our stress response cycles and returns us to a place of clarity of mind that all supports us show up as our best selves.

With any type of support or guidance I provide my community, I am not here to create more overwhelm for you. I want you to feel that sense of relief instantly. Which is why in all my private coaching, Joy Club membership and group course, JOY—I do things entirely differently. Unlike any other programme, course, class, workshop or retreat experience you’ve ever signed up for before. I’m interested in going deep and ensuring you follow through.

For example, in JOY, my group coaching course, I show you exactly how to shift that paradigm. To remove the barrier of BUSY, so you can fully release that feeling of pressure for good.

It’s here to guide you to reclaim your time, your energy, your confidence, your presence. And ultimately, your JOY.

I teach you how to ditch the “must do everything all at once and perfectly” approach to a much more embodied, sustainable, compassionate approach for yourself.

We’re switching short-term fixes for long-term, integrated change.

Throughout the 3-month programme, I guide you back to full embodiment of joy so you can lead the healthy, happy, balanced life you’ve been craving for so long. I’ll support you to identify those nagging blocks that keep stopping you from stepping up. And, I’ll connect you to an incredible new ‘family’ of like-minded souls. The kind of crew that will keep you feeling uplifted long after you had that catch up call or brunch date.

It’s an accumulation of over 12 years of integrating all aspects of how I show up in my body, mind and soul to embody a complete and joyful life.

Joy does not equal constant, giddy, skipping down the street elation. The kind of joy I’m teaching you is embodied joy. It’s deep. It’s integrated. It’s long-lasting.

Sometimes it will show up as determination, quiet strength, and calmness. At other times it will over-spill into your life like laughter on a bright summer’s day. It will be BIG and it will be small.

Most importantly, it will become your anchor. A place to return to your inner strength no matter what is going on in your life.

It’s your time. Your time for J O Y.