We Focus the Majority of Our Time, Energy And Attention on Removing Recurring Stress And Pain. What About Everyday Expansion of Joy?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the difference between joy and pain. And how we get stuck in pain, and don’t have a way out.

I was trying to describe my feelings over the weekend to someone on the other side of the world – explaining to them how yes I felt excited about the easing of restrictions here in the UK, and I also felt nervous. Not because I’m worried about my own personal health – but because there’s a dichotomy between the two worlds. Joy and pain can exist simultaneously. And I’ve experienced the fullness of this statement in full force over the past week.

I’ve wanted to cry at the relief of seeing places open, whilst simultaneously grieve over all that has been lost. I’ve wanted to gleefully skip into my favourite café, and feel the full abundance of sipping out of a “proper cup”, and I’ve also felt the depth of the sadness of what has passed.

I’ve cried deep sorrowful cries tucked under my pillow for extra comfort, then in the next breath laughed uncontrollably at something silly my partner has said.

Instead of trying to separate the two—why not embrace them both?

We spend so much time wanting to escape our pains that we forget how to embrace, or even make our way back to our joy. To what makes us feel good.

It’s become the foundation of all that I teach, because I believe so many of us haven’t realised the power of feeling good and how joy is not just a nice to have but a necessity.

We focus the majority of our time, energy and attention on “de-stressing” or “getting better” or “self-care” which all revolves around removal of pain. What about expansion of joy?

Living and leading from this place first—prioritising and practicing your joy—guarantees you have the strength, power, and even clarity to move you through any amount of pain.

It’s the reason why I don’t get stuck under my pillow and always find my way back. Sometimes in seconds, sometimes in hours.

It used to take days.

I know you have a lot going on right now. And you’re likely equally confused with when and how to feel good, versus when and how to feel the frustration, stress, overwhelm and stress that could be bubbling.

We’ve all experienced a surplus of uncertainty and immense restructuring of our inner fabric over the past 12 months+, whether you are consciously aware of yours or not.

It’s time to step back into your full power. To not just wipe yourself clean of the last year, but to acknowledge it, integrate it, allow everything that has surfaced to buoy you forward.

I’ve wanted to offer something to my community for a while now. Something that can feel like ease, light you up, surround you with like-minded souls that light your heart on fire in an instant, whilst simultaneously supporting you to fully let go of all that is holding you back.

It’s time to fully embody your joy. For the first time, and the only time this year, I’m inviting you to my brand new coaching course: J O Y.

I’ll drop back in your inbox over the next few days and weeks and share more on what to expect throughout the course. So if you’re not already registered for my newsletters, you can sign up here. For now, simply imagine being fully supported and guided to embody your joy, reclaim your time, and finally feel free!