Episode 95: Living A Wildly Fulfilled Life And Ditching Over-Working For Good With Britny Jelacic

Britny Jelacic had always done the ‘good girl thing’ until a series of back to back traumatic events had her questioning how she was showing up in the world.

She says it took her “getting majorly burnt out and diagnosed with two autoimmune conditions and being almost bedridden” to realise how much things needed to change.

Through her business, Britny helps women in business do less and thrive by aligning with their cycle, human design, and wild unfiltered selves.

We dive into her burn out experience and the lessons it taught her, the paradox of over-working when you love your own business (and how to shift that mindset), and what doing ‘nothing’ teaches us.

I loved so much about this conversation and can’t wait to hear your insights!

Links and resources mentioned:

Connect with Britny and find out more about her work at https://lifeasbritny.com/ or inside her free Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/wildlyfulfilledwithbritny or @wildly_fulfilled on Instagram.

You can also listen to Britny’s podcast, Wildly Fulfilled at https://wildlyfulfilled.buzzsprout.com/.