Episode 94: What Feelings Have To Do With Being Busy All The Time

Were you someone who grew up ‘holding it all together’ and not necessarily expressing your emotions?

Maybe you thought that it wasn’t okay to cry, or to be angry, and instead you had to show your strong, happy self all the time.

The confusion we have over our sense of ‘busyness’ is that we feel that the busier we become the more in control we’ll be. And if we’re more in control, then surely we can direct those feelings and emotions to where we want them to go.

Unfortunately the almost opposite is true. Busy for most people is a ‘numbing’ strategy, one that stops you from not just feeling all those uncomfortable things (stress, overwhelm, exhaustion), but also stops you from experiencing the joy (excitement, delight, pleasure).

In today’s episode we dive a little deeper into why feelings are so important and how allowing yourself to soften into both sides of the emotional spectrum will transform not just your relationship with busy (for good!), also your entire life—making that vision for more ease, joy, efficiency, fun and fullness easy to fulfil.