3 Simple And Fast Ways To Fuel Your Energy, Joy And Productivity This Week

It’s around this time of year that I get a little over-excited and start thinking doing is the answer to everything

The energy of Spring beckons me with her playful spirit of blossoms, tempting glimpses of sunshine and the promise of new scenery all around. And, if I’m not careful the energy can sweep me off my feet entirely and leave me feeling exhausted before I know it. 

Do you have these tendencies too? Like a pendulum, you can swing from one extreme to the next. And although you know what your body, mind and soul actually need, you still get swept up in the excitement. 

While it can be so energising and revitalising to embrace those times, if you want to sustain those feel-goods, then a little conscious approach to the transition will serve you best. 

Here’s 3 simple reminders I’m tuning into myself this week, that could just help you too: 

  1. Everything does not need to happen all at once. In fact, the more you focus on what’s most important first the more all the other stuff just gets taken care of in its own way. Bring a sense of calm joy to whatever you have going on—and stay focused on the things that will have the most impact. 
  1. Any time of movement is good for you. It does not have to be long, hard, or fast. Just keep moving and trust your body to tell you what she needs. (Too often we can get caught up on getting this “right” which just means we delay doing anything at all. It’s amazing the relief and energy you can receive from a very simple stretch, 20min yoga sequence, or literally a walk around the block). 
  1. Now, more than ever, your joy matters. Focus on what brings you joy, even if it’s small. Your environment and how you feel in it makes all the difference to your productivity. If it’s been a while since you wrote yourself a lovely post-it reminder quote, pulled out an affirmation card, lit a candle, or even picked yourself a flower on your afternoon walk—today’s the day! The smallest of joys can release tension you may not have even realised you were holding on to, and quickly elevate your energy. (Milena Regos and I talk more about the importance of deep joy in this week’s podcast episode, which you can listen to here).