Episode 93: Swapping Momentary Joy for Deep Joy & How To Use Unhustling as Your Superpower With Milena Regos

Milena Regos grew up in Bulgaria, playing in nature under the stars. Moving to the U.S. she then spent 24 years in a very successful marketing career—working with “a Rolodex of clients that would make most marketer’s jaws drop” as she describes it.

However, despite her thriving career, nice house, and loving husband—she felt more like she was living a “nightmare”.

She’s since switched her life to focus on deep joy instead of momentary joy and is on a mission to help stressed out entrepreneurs and overwhelmed leaders challenge the status quo and begin a new way of living and working. The ‘unhustle’ way.

We talk about what happens when you have no time for joy, Milena’s digital detox turning point, and how to reset and realign ourselves with what really matters, and so much more!

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Connect with Milena and the Unhustle movement via her website at https://unhustle.com/ and @unhustle on most social platforms.