Slowing Down To Speed Up And Other Secrets From Nature

I’ve been in planning mode. Finally feeling like the official ‘new year’ has begun, as I have ever so gently been emerging from my wintery hibernation cave.

Earlier in January I shared how I was feeling very much like I needed more time. More space. More slowness. And instead of pushing ahead and getting well and truly caught up in planning mode, I surrendered.

Within a few short weeks we’ll all be transitioning into a whole new season—whether it’s spring or autumn for you, there is change in the air. And if you slow down enough and take in your surrounds right now, there are gentle signs calling you in to what you most need.

Whether you’ve been going at a high-pace and need a subtle nudge to slow down. Or whether you’ve felt sluggish and not wanted to be active, there’ll be whispers to coax yourself out.

On my local walking route there’s one particular Cherry Blossom Tree that blooms first every single year. And by first, I mean months ahead of the others. It fascinates me so much and I stop in awe every year to notice its gentle calling in of the spring.

Its often at a time like right now, where I am it’s still the depth of winter. It’s been blustery, icy and grey for weeks, with the odd blue sky day beckoning you outside to play. So the burst of pink blossoms, even with a few remaining snow drops lingering feels to me like the lightness I’ve been craving.

I find nature soothing. It’s my reminder that everything in life is cyclical. If I feel particularly stuck, I remind myself that this feeling won’t last. If I feel sleepy and sluggish, I know that this too shall pass.

Have you felt a bit frustrated lately? A little over the current restrictions, or stressed at work? I wonder how nature could guide you right now too—back to a remembering that everything will be okay.

I reminded a friend today of a beautiful Lao Tzu quote “Nature does not hurry and yet everything is accomplished”. And I think deep down I needed the reminder myself. It’s okay to have slow days, down days, or unclear days. You don’t need to be on fire, chasing your big vision with high-speed every single day.

In fact, the treasures, the unlocking, the clarity you’re looking for is often (and I’d say almost always) found in the spaces in between. The quiet moments you give yourself. The permission to turn off your laptop early. The laughter over a dinner table. The burst of inspiration on a walk.

The creative process (which includes anything we do to create our goals, success, accomplishments and dreams) requires space. Have you ever noticed how in a big brainstorm meeting at work, the “aha” moment often comes after you walk away from the session, or in the write-up, or as a new fresh set of eyes walks into the room?

Yes we need the action, the brainstorming, and the doing—but none of it is going anywhere unless we combine it with the rest and space.

How will you prioritise space this week?