Ten Ways to Feel Good (That Are Not Rocket Science)

The Daisy Patch Blog - Ten Ways to Feel Good

Okay, so the first thing you could think reading these is “well, that seems obvious” or even “yea, right, it’s not that easy”. And, what if it was? What if, if you were to really truly do these things, you really could feel good in your life, right now? What if, if you followed through and held yourself responsible, this whole ‘feel good’ thing could be really really easy?

So yes, these aren’t rocket science. They’re blatantly simple. Obvious. Ridiculous even at times. And yet why do we not do them then? When you’re stuck and angry with yourself, frustrated with your progress, or exhausted again after a ridiculous day at work, why don’t we reach for the feel goods? Instead so often we tend to replay the story again and again in our heads instead. This sux. I’m so tired. Today was ridiculous. Why am I here again. I wish today was over. When’s it the weekend. If only I didn’t feel this way.

Just typing all that has left me feeling heavy. I wonder what that’s doing to you on an every day level if this is the kinda converasation going on in your head?

What if you could interrupt that chatter? What if you could choose to feel something else instead? I wonder what that would do for your energy? For your progress? For your life?

So here goes, ten different ways to feel good that absolutely anyone could do, anytime:

  1. Call a friend. Even if they don’t answer, leave a message. Tell them you’re thinking of them, how much you love them, or share a funny story that you know they’ll love. The simple act of shifting your focus to them can only make you feel different. Good even. ? Just try to focus on your bad day and how much you love your friend at the same time.
  2. Put on your ‘happy’ music. The tunes that get you singing and dacing around the living room. If you don’t have any, get some. Start a playlist. Or do a Google search for ‘happy tunes’ and adopt a few.
  3. Breathe. Yes, really. Breathe. Stop whatever you are doing and BREATHE. Deep one. All the way through to your belly. Do it at least three times. Better yet, close your eyes and do it. Let it out, a lot. Like really exhale. (My favourite is lion’s breath, no idea what I’m talking about that’s cool, stick your tongue out and make lots of noise as you exhale. It’s soooo relieving).
  4. Get all nostalgic. Got a favourite kids show you used to watch growing up? Favourite movie? Google it. Watch the first clip that shows up for it. Or simply scroll through all those images or quotes from it. Just try not to smile going down memory lane. ? I just think of Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin playing pooh sticks and I smile. I just play the opening tune to Care Bears and I feel all giggly and energetic. If you can’t think of one of your favourites, you’re welcome to borrow mine.
  5. Hakuna Matata. Sing it kid.
  6. Get all colourful. Go get yourself some colourful pens. Or post-it notes. Or paper. Write some stuff on it, anything. Or pick the brightest colour in your wardrobe and wear colour today. Ditch the black. Choose colour on purpose. There’s a reason kids love rainbows so much, because they’re so colourful you can’t help but feeling all giddy and joyful! And if you don’t have immediate access to colour, Google a rainbow. I meant it. Do it. Save a rainbow image as your backdrop for easy access. And if you simply can’t even access Google right now, just close your eyes and picture colour. We can all do that.
  7. Go for a walk. Move your body. Any which way. Even if that means going for a walk to the bathroom from your desk. Anything to get that energy flowing. Stuck in a crowd in public transport? Tap your feet, wiggle your toes, stretch your fingers, bop your head. Just get moving.
  8. Bake. Or cook something. Even if you’re not much of a cook or consider yourself a pastry chef there’s something about being the kitchen and focusing on one thing. Step by step. Creation. Creativity. Following through. The aromas. Amateur? That’s cool, start small. My famous chocolate chip cookies are from my Kids Baking book.
  9. Have a go to list of people that light you up. Mentors. Comedians. Friends. Books. Poets. Singers. Start making a list so you don’t have to rummage through your brain when you need it most – and then go access your circle of light. Whether it’s a 3min Youtube clip, a podcast episode, or simply Googling a quote from them. Get in the light. Let it rub off on you. As per Number 6, if you’re not around a way to physically get into the light, get yourself there mentally simply by closing your eyes and picturing – for example, the last time you were ‘with’ them, what were they saying or doing? What did you learn? Recalling the memory alone can get you in the feel-good zone of their presence.
  10. Get rid of your junk. Physically and metaphorically. If you know there’s a dialogue you go to when you’re in a ‘funk’ then switch it up. Make a conscious choice to not say that stuff to yourself (hint: you’re going to need to pick something else to say, anything is likely better than what you’ve been saying, but my go-to is to start with a simple “I’ve got this”.). Physically – clear stuff. Anything. Even if it’s a teeny weeny section of your desk, fluff some papers, put the pen lids on, delete the junk the recycling bin on your desktop. Messy mind = messy mood. Warning: this is not about perfection at all. This is simply about choosing something small to give you an opportunity to shift something. Change your state. Clear. Let go. Then you’re ready to move on.

So, next time you find yourself in funky town, reach for one of these go-tos and see what happens.

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