The Perfect Antidote To Doubt

Has the last year felt all-consuming to you? Like you’ve had to put things on hold, just to wait and see…except now you feel like you’re still waiting?

You might have swung from feelings of excitement and joy all the way through to despair, frustration and exhaustion.

I feel you!

As an ex “busy person” I’ve felt some of my old nudges and tendencies come tapping back at my door—beckoning me to take on more in order to feel less discomfort.

I know all too well that when that feeling shows up, it’s me trying to distract myself from what’s really going on.

It happens right before I have to make a big scary decision. Or even a little scary decision. It happened before I resigned from my full-time job to focus entirely on my business.

It happens when I’m dreaming up a new change in my life but all the details are foggy and unclear.

And, it happens when the world turns a little topsy turvy and we have to figure out where (and who) we are again.

I’ve spent over 12 years reconfiguring this pattern of behaviour in myself, so I know now what signs to look out for. And I also know that in order to feel good, it’s going to have to feel a little uncomfortable at first.

Paradoxical, I know.

To truly feel great—to live that happy, healthy, fulfilled life you crave—requires stepping up, and fully embodying your joy.

But it can’t happen if the busyness, the stress, and the to-do list, keep getting in the way.

It’s why in any of my coaching support, it’s all about leading you through this. Together, we work out those unconscious patterns that keep tripping you up, clear the blocks, and get you to a place where feeling good feels safe again.

Because when you feel safe, you also have more clarity, more confidence, and more light to share with others.

Contrary to what we tell ourselves, joy won’t “just happen” on its own accord. It requires prioritisation and practice.

When you operate from a strong foundation of joy in your life, everything else changes—decision making becomes easy, your resilience strengthens, and you’re more able to step into your full light and power.

How will you practice joy today?