What Igniting Your Joy Can Do For Your Results

I’m a big planner.

I’ve loved colour coded scheduling, diaries and poster boards for as long as I can remember.

I used to beg my sister to borrow her very special incredibly large set of “koki pens” aka felt tip pens. Every now and then she’d cave, and under strict supervision I’d be guided to press softly and make sure I hear the “click” when I put the cap back on.

I treasured every moment I could play with new stationery. It’d get me all excited again about my plans. What bubbles would I draw? What did I want in my life? What was I dreaming about?

There’d be colours for everything. Stickers. Magazine clippings. All of it.

I didn’t know I was “vision boarding” or that I was being “organised” or that I was engaging in any kind of “dreaming” activity. I didn’t even really know that I was essentially setting goals for myself.

It was just my joy. To be immersed in plans and drawings and colours.

As I’m typing this I can see my A3 year planner – version 3 or is it 4 already? I’ve folded it up and carried it around with me everywhere these past two months. Even unravelling it at Saturday morning coffee dates with my partner. Which he finds very funny.

It’s been carefully colour coded. Categories for the things that are most important in my life this year. Areas I know I need to focus on and intentionally carve out space for.

Blue went in first. Blue is for breaks.

Something I used to be so pro at in previous jobs. I was the one in the office mandating everyone take their lunch breaks and shooing people out the door pronto at 5pm.

Yet in a business that I love and find so much joy from, it’s a growth edge for me. Reminding myself that rest and breaks are so critical to my creative process. And, to my joy.

So blue went in first. And despite it feeling and sounding appealing – ahhh so much spaciousness and holidays to dream up – it’s actually been a tough thing to do. To highlight all these weeks in my year where I’m intentionally stopping.

I don’t know how it will get filled yet. And I’ve been tempted already to write straight over the top of the blue highlighter with something else – more business plans, meetings, courses, catch ups.

And then I come back to my truth. My lessons from previous years. How I want to feel in my life. And I know that the blue is mandatory. It’s not for moving. And it’s because of what it gives me. It’s my fuel.

Turns out the little girl inside of me who loved her coloured pens and planning still comes out to play.

Now, my plans are far more intentional than ever before. Because I know how much power I have. When I write things down. When I give them colour. When I block out space for me.

Anything. Is. Possible.

I’ve had decades of proof that my dreaming and visioning and goal setting is “worth it” – even if I never knew that’s what I was doing precisely.

Now that I do though, there’s more of an art form to it. I can be more strategic. I can connect the dots. I can multiply the effect I have.

What are some of those things that you’ve always done, you’ve always been drawn to, and found so much joy in? And how could they support you right now to create what it is you want more of in your life?

Sometimes the “gold” we’re searching for is right in front of us. It just needs a little reinvention.