Episode 31: Reinvention After Loss, Finding Grace & The Power Of Sisterhood With Marsha Powell

Having lost her mother nine years ago, Marsha Powell found herself having to figure out what single parenting was really all about – embarking on a journey that she says has been a gift. Since then she left a corporate career, started a not for profit that empowers young women, founded a boutique and inclusive wellness studio in London, and has recently found herself “alone” again. This time as her kids have left her home. It was Marsha’s sense of connection, gentleness and grace that drew me to her story. In this episode we talk about loss, tenacity, the power of sisterhood, and how important connection is to our personal wellbeing.  

Links and resources mentioned: 

Marsha’s Instagram @marsha_powell_and_grace 

Eve & Grace wellness studio 

Tamu Thomas, Live Three Sixty 


Lucy Sheridan