Episode 30: Finding Your Joy Rhythm

When you’re feeling particularly stuck, stressed, or going through a challenging time, the idea of finding your “joy” could feel a little irritating. You know you want it, but it’s hard to grasp onto. Perhaps you feel at times like you really want to get unstuck, you just don’t know how, so you stay stuck in a “dance” with yourself. Not moving forward, yet wanting a different result. We’re all so unique in our experience of life and the more you can notice what works for you the more in sync your life becomes. In today’s episode I’m sharing more on how joy works through our lives, and that when you can find your unique joy rhythm how it makes it so much easier to reach for during those not so joyful moments. It’s all about getting curious about what does put you back into your groove when you need it most, and knowing that in every season of our life we have the power to chance our dance moves.