Why Having Monday Nights All To Yourself Is Magical

Coffee table set. TV on. Feet up. Takeaway on its way, due to arrive any minute.

I had my Monday nights “back to my self” and I could feel the release in my body as I softened into the spaciousness.

My partner had returned to his touch football nights (on pause during all the restrictions of the past year and a half) …

Do you have a “Monday night” to yourself?

We all need a certain amount of alone time to truly let ourselves let go of all the busyness that creeps into our days. The responsibilities – of meeting those deadlines, cooking the meals, cleaning, researching the next best dinner spot to meet up with friends, remembering to call your mum, your aunty, and your hairdresser.

There’ll always be the “list” to return to. Alone Time is purposefully crafted obligation-free time. Giving your entire system – your racing thoughts, exhausted body, and rollercoaster of emotions – an opportunity to breathe.

It’s in these moments that we actually return to our best selves. Where we can access that clarity we’ve been lacking, or finally feel an idea click together that’s been frustrating you for weeks.

It’s contradictory to what we tell ourselves: keep going. So yes, it does feel a little weird at first. And you may not even trust the process. You’ll want to add more “busyness” to the moment.

If you feel some of that resistance show up, try telling yourself in the moment how necessary the spaciousness is. How the value will present itself only after you move through it. That there are gifts on the other side. And, that it will start to feel more natural to surrender into the space over time.

If you don’t already have at least one block of time carved out in your diary, today is your day! Get that calendar out and schedule it in.

I used to be afraid to sit by myself, worried I wasn’t being productive enough, or what would people think if they saw me twiddling my thumbs at a coffee shop?!

Now I know I need this space. It fills my soul and fuels me.

And I know it will do the same for you.