When There’s Too Much Going On – Remember This Truth

At least it’s felt like it’s been a while to me. You likely didn’t even notice the “blip” in your inbox over the past few months.

It’s what tends to happen when we have a lot going on in our lives – we start to project that tension and expectations of ourselves and worry what others will think of us. Will they notice I’ve been gone? Will they understand? What if they don’t get it? Am I doing enough? How can I be better?

And these questions we ask ourselves only add to the volume of our tensions, our stresses, our “fullness” of life during particularly phases.

I know this to be true. I have tonnes of evidence in my life – moments where I’ve felt like I’ve let someone down or haven’t been a “good enough [friend/sister/colleague/team player/partner/business owner]” … and yet when I’ve “come out” the other side of the transition, that phase, that moment – either nobody noticed or they simply didn’t mind.

Truth is, we worry way too much about what others think instead of getting on with taking care of ourselves.

And, as much as I know this to be true, the lesson is tested during times of tension. It’s easy to assume that we’re doing a “bad” job and to beat ourselves up when there’s lots going on. What if the easiest way through was actually acceptance? Acceptance of where we were, no matter what others could possibly be thinking or feeling.

Instead of clinging to doing things “right” by everyone else, how could you do things “right” by yourself? What is it you most need, right now?

For me, during this particular transition phase I know I need a lot of quiet. I need spaciousness, long walks, sunshine and cuddles. I need time with myself to soothe my soul and reconnect with who I am. These moments don’t rely on others.

What is it that you most need?

So yes, I did worry there for a second you might have “missed me” while I was gone. 😉 Then, I realised inboxes can be treasure troves and we often see the message we most need to see at just the right time.

I hope today’s that day for you, and that these words soothe your soul in just the way you needed. ❤️