How to stay open to possibilities

Some of the best things in my life have come about from trusting in my feelings.  

That sudden impulse to do something, say something, or create something. Whether it’s been creating an invite to a dinner party idea, signing up to a volunteer programme on the other side of the world, or following the joy of holding space for others. 

I can think of many many examples of where allowing that first flood of feeling to lead the way has given me so much. 

The birth of my Joy Club membership programme was just that. 

I was walking to my local shops one day, on the cusp of spring yet still snug in my winter coat and I felt this tug to connect with my community.  

My inner circle of clients that I’d worked with over the years in particular. I’d been thinking of them so much with all the changes that had started to take shape (it was March 2020) and I wanted to know – how are you doing? Like, really, doing? 

I reached out within minutes of that thought. Leaving a flurry of voicenotes, and inviting them to come together in community. To connect. To anchor back to joy – even amidst all the feelings, uncertainty and change that we were stepping into. 

I knew in my heart it was what was needed. What I needed. What they needed. What we all needed. 

That sense of connection. They didn’t want to lose that energy and momentum, and they also wanted to acknowledge everything that was going on around them. 

Their responses filled me with joy and gratitude. How grateful I was to have such an incredible community of loving, compassionate souls, ready to come together to support each other and ready to rise to the occasion to stay steeped in their joy. 

I had no idea what it would look like. How I would structure it. Whether “it” would even be an ongoing thing. I just allowed my inner guidance to lead the way. 

Over a year later and Joy Club is flourishing. It’s become an expansion of that space we all called in right at the start – a garden patch of shared joys, intention, growth and learning. And it’s one of my favourite places to hang out now. 

I didn’t plan to start a new Club. I’m so glad I did. 

If you’ve been getting a few nudges of an idea, a feeling, or a pull towards a certain direction – what could you do to trust that feeling? 

There are possibilities you couldn’t even imagine all around you right now. Trust your feelings, your inner guidance system is wise wise wise.