How To Acknowledge The Endings That Come With Beginnings

It’s been a big few weeks and I’ve made 3 big decisions – leaning on trust and surrender big time and returning to the core lesson in all that I teach:  

Choose joy.

Decision #1 Saying yes to a new beginning, which automatically means being okay with an ending. 

Big feeling #1 “Jadness” (a combo of joy and sadness) 

New beginnings, change you desire, bringing your dreams to fruition – all require saying goodbye to things too. It’s the nature and very cycle of life. To begin, we must end. To end we must begin. And yet our human nature wants to cling to all of it. I know how powerful, magical and full of lessons endings can be. And I also know I have a choice in how I show up for them. My partner and I recently made the big decision to return to Australia (we’ve been in London for 8 years!). Simultaneously fulfilling the next step in the vision for our lives, whilst crushing our hearts that are also so in love with this city.  

Decision #2 Staying true to my soul’s desires and not being swayed by the ‘extras’. 

Big feeling #2 “Excite-ervement” (mixture of excitement and nerves) 

I’ve known deep in my heart for years where we would base ourselves when we moved back to Australia. It was less about the place and city itself, than the feeling we wanted to experience. It won’t always make “sense” on paper – it’s certainly not the place we know the best, nor have the most connections! However, it’s the place that has called my heart and I’ve paid attention, so that’s where we’ll go next. I can be excited about choosing joy first, choosing that feeling that comes with dreaming up the experiences we will have – and I can be nervous about all the change to come, the newness and unknowns. 

Decision #3 To choose joy. 

Big feeling #3  Certainty. 

The main pillar that is giving me my most certainty during this time of so much change is my ability to choose how I show up for it. A few years ago my partner and I almost had to move out of our beloved London home at very short notice, after committing to a new 2-year lease period. To cut a long story short, we decided to choose joy throughout the whole process. We ended up literally packing up, cleaning and moving out of our entire home to move back in one week later. And it was immensely rewarding! The whole experience showcased to us all over again how our choices determine our experiences, and choosing joy in that moment gave us a treasured memory and the outcome we ultimately wanted (to keep living in our home). 

I don’t have to tell you that there is a lot of uncertainty in our lives right now. It’s both global and micro for so many of us. Not only are we digesting changes from the way the world operates over the past 12 months+, we’re starting to integrate the impact that has on how we live our lives now and later. Add an international move into the mix and I know my scales are tipped right now towards uncertainty. I could let this topple me. Instead, my mantra of choosing joy keeps me centred. Grounded. Certain.  

I trust that hearing my 3 big decisions and 3 big feelings gives you some grace to experience whatever you have going on right now with more compassion, lightness, and joy