Episode 18: Getting Cyclical About Life

Have you ever felt like things are going so well for you and then suddenly out of nowhere you get tripped up?

Or you finally have that feeling of flow and your schedule is going great, you’ve made it to yoga, then you get back from holidays and everything just falls apart?

We can get into the trap of beating ourselves up so easily when things don’t go as we planned, or when we’re not doing “all the things” to live a healthy, happy life. However what if this was exactly how things were meant to be?

Life itself is ever changing, evolving and growing. And so too are you. It’s natural for us to go through periods of doing really well and then feeling really stuck. It’s natural for us to have ebbs and flows in our life.

In this episode I’m sharing how you can get more curious about your own cyclical nature and how doing so will help you to sync up with your own personal success.