Episode 19: Tuning In To What You Really Enjoy, Loving Your Emotions And Making A Difference With Aletheia Hunn

You could say Aletheia Hunn left a corporate career for a month in India to learn yoga and never looked back. But that would be leaving out all the juicy details – including the often overlooked tough (but necessary) bits along the way to figuring out what lights us up.

She spent a decade working for big health charities until following her urge to create something on her own that could incorporate her passion for more of a “yogic” approach to life.

Her business, Founded Wellness, now supports people to find more wellbeing in the workplace. She says that “experiencing joy is also a practice” and part of our wellbeing.

What we talked about:

  • How exposure to entrepreneurship early in Aletheia’s career planted the seed for wanting to create something of her own one day
  • Why allowing all of our emotions to happen actually helps us move forward
  • How Aletheia starting to tune into what she really enjoyed doing (and how it helped her make better decisions)
  • How to know when you’re ready for something new
  • Aletheia’s love for travel and what it’s given her

Resources/links mentioned: Find out more about Aletheia’s work on Instagram @foundedwellness, @aletheiayoga or website.