Episode 20: How To Have A Feel-Good Finish To The Year, Year-End Reviews & Leading With Joy

This time of year can feel like the pace is quickening all around us, when all we really feel like doing is finally switching off for the year-end.

It can often mean we race to the “finish line” and before we know it the new year is upon us and we haven’t had that chance to fully take everything in. This episode is all about what you can do to refocus your attention to a place of actually finishing your year feeling good whilst taking in all that has been.

When we integrate our lessons from the year, what’s worked, what hasn’t, and incorporate how we want to feel in the next year we set ourselves up for far more success. Aka calmness, clarity and joy. I share some of my favourite questions I use in my own annual year end review and planning process + updates on my free online community event called Lead With Joy running this week.

Resources/links mentioned:

A podcast episode I recorded a few years ago that goes into more detail on what a year-end review is all about and how to do your own.

People I’ve been inspired from and referenced their year-end review processes to come up with something that works for me: Marie Forleo, Tim Ferris and the Kate & Mike Show (there’s two, #1 here and #2 here). I’ve also drawn inspiration from Amy Porterfield’s process, it’s more of a business focus however still really relevant for personal life.