Episode 70: Quit Hiding From Your Joy And Appreciating Life’s Micro Moments, With Tamu Thomas

When you’re so busy being strong and achieving, the richness of life that comes from the ordinary moments can slip by unnoticed. For Tamu Thomas, that busyness turned into increasing anxiety and panic attacks, leading her to realise she was living her life “upside down”, always putting herself last. 

Having come from 15 years in social work, she was knowledgeable enough to know things had to change – but how she went about it was not as you might expect. 

Tamu is now a trauma-informed somatic and holistic life coach, specialising in supporting women approaching their 40s and beyond to transition into their midlife feeling safe, calm and peaceful. 

In this episode of the podcast, Tamu shares deeply about the lessons she’s learned, from experiences as a child, through to her adult career and transition to her business, Three Sixty. 

We talk about: 

  • the shift she felt when she took time to slow down and focus on her everyday joys 
  • why we’re so used to feeling fear and how to welcome in more joy 
  • why Tamu chose to educate herself and listen to her body, instead of the prescribed talking therapy approach 
  • how her experience of grief helped her expand her capacity for joy, and why tending to and befriending your feelings is so important 

Links and resources mentioned: 

Connect with Tamu on Instagram @livethreesixty or visit her website: https://www.livethreesixty.com/, or listen to Tamu’s podcast, Three Sixty Conversations. 

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