It’s all about the PAUSE

The Daisy Patch Blog - Its all about the pause

This week I wanted to share something a little different. So many of our clients have shared this feeling of constantly striving, adding more to their achievement (or people pleasing) lists and yet not feeling any different when they do ‘achieve’ or ‘get everything done’.

And I sooooo get it. I’m somewhat of a recovering over-achieving-people-pleaser myself ? One of the critical turning points for me in my life has been where I paused for long enough to really take it all in. I was asked at the time “what’s the one thing that would make the BIGGEST difference right now?” and my immediate response was essentially ‘space’. The permission to pause. To be. To let it all settle. It was during the settling that I started to ask myself a version of the same question, which was essentially tapping into:


How do I want to FEEL?


How do I want to most feel in my life and what is it that I most need right now to make me feel that way?

So in January, when it’s all too easy to get caught up in the new year’s fever (check out this blog post on setting new year’s resolutions if you haven’t already for more insights ?), I have been focusing on the PAUSE.

I’ve been reminding myself to take it slow. To be okay with the days that feel like I’m ‘not getting anything done’ and to give myself permission to rest in those moments where needed. Whatever rest might look like at the time – time with my books, a coffee date with myself, a meditation, switching off the emails. I’ve been asking myself lots of questions about the year that has just been too, a kind of ‘year in review’ as such to pause for long enough to take it all in. (I shared lots more on this in the latest Soul Soiree Podcast episode: Year in review before racing ahead, which you can listen to at

And I’ve been paying close attention to my energy. Something I learnt the hard way is easy to neglect. Without energy, getting unstuck, motivated, or trying to find a way back to feeling yourself again is somewhat impossible! It’s the fuel that will sustain you through that crossroads, and it’s also the fuel that will keep your spark shining bright going forward.

One of the ways I’ve been doing this is to check in with myself to see what areas of my life – activities, commitments, people even – are giving me energy and what areas are potentially draining me.  I’ve included a mini exercise just below so you too can take yourself through this process. It can be as short or long as you choose.


Jump on over to Facebook or Instagram and let us know what you discover from your Energy stocktake.  Leave a comment letting us know: What’s one thing you can do differently this year to replenish your energy?


And if you’re feeling like you want this year to FEEL different, check out our next two workshops, happening THIS weekend in London. They’re ALL about the pause and how you can create change this year in your life that really sticks around.