Ten Things That Are Lighting Me Up Right Now And Could Just Light You Up Too

  1. Remembering to DREAM. We can get so stuck in our heads and all the challenges. Stepping into a dreaming state and getting into our heart is so energising. Asking yourself questions like If I could do anything what would I do? What would I do if I knew I could handle it? What would that give me?
  2. Putting pen to paper and WRITING. While I know how valuable the practice of journaling is and releasing all your thoughts onto paper I’ve not been journaling much lately. Until of course I went to a journaling workshop recently that reinspired me to get those words out. Soooo good. I’m not quite doing it daily, but I’ve definitely returned to it for some morning reflection time and also in those intense emotional times when I’m feeling frustrated and stuck. Good release both ways.
  3. Spring flowers and COLOUR. The season is turning and I’m loving seeing spring flowers in the shops and treating myself to a handful at home too. ? I make my flowers last forever and they light me for weeks.
  4. Connecting with incredible WOMEN. Deep conversations. Mulling over the moon. Hugs. I’ve been making a consistent effort to get more ‘in real life’ connection into my routine. I spend a lot of time online and while I love it and truly have developed some incredibly relationships that way, I also simply love a good cup of tea and catch up on the couch. I think we could all do with more of this. And, it’s a work in progress for me, not always easy to make happen with various schedules but always completely worth the effort.
  5. Walks by the WATER. There is something so soothing about water for me. Every now and then I think about living in another neighbourhood and then immediately feel tense what about the river?! I’ve grown up on the coast and spent most of my life living near some body of water, so perhaps there’s something grounding and homely about it. But I’m also pretty sure it has healing qualities just looking at it.
  6. Locally run restaurants with SMILEY owners that remember you. I’ve been super conscious of how integrated in my local community I am now. It’s been almost six years of living within two streets and while I still don’t necessarily chat to my neighbours (London flat blocks somehow create this weird black hold where you don’t even often see your neighbours) or even know the names of my local mini mart employees, we know each other by face. And it feels familiar. And I love that. Plus my local Thai restaurant is the BEST and the owner is always so so smiley.
  7. Greenery and PLANTS everywhere. I’ve been slowly but surely filling my home with pot plants and I’m LOVING seeing greenery everywhere. I’m not much of a ‘green thumb’ and have been careful to select plants that particular love ‘neglect’. ? After enough time ‘neglecting’ them they’re now growing nicely and looking super happy. It makes me feel like I’m bringing a little of the outside inside, and I get to smile every time I look at them.

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