The Power Of Friendships, Reminiscing And Dreaming

Watching Friends I used to get lost in the joy of having your own apartment, in this funky city, where you got to have coffee and live across the hallway from each other. It pretty much summed up my entire dream for travelling and adventures. Much of which I went on to create in my own way.

There was something so captivating to me about having those go-to friends to share your highs and lows and transformations. I watched with tenderness, love, excitement, joy and trepidation with each new change in each of the characters’ lives.

Asked what Friends character I am now, I find it hard to articulate. Because I see myself reflected in each of their stories in so many ways. While Monica started out as they “neat freak” she ultimately reveals herself as something and someone so much deeper – full of love, compassion and softness that you wouldn’t see unless you got to know her at that level.

The seemingly odd ball humour that flies from Chandler’s mouth could easily be dismissed as goofiness – and yet he’s the one who’s heart I became to love the most. His heart is huge. He was the one always looking out for others, pulling them up when their blinders were on and they couldn’t see what was best for them. Delivering the lesson they needed to hear with such honesty, and vulnerability, then followed up with classic Chandler humour to soften the acceptance.

I could go on and on (I have literally watched all ten seasons at least ten times) about the nuances you discover with each new episode, new season and new phase of life. Which is true in “real life” too. How often have you jumped to conclusions about someone’s character within moments of meeting them? Or dismissed someone because you couldn’t see beyond that initial first impression?

Friendships, relationships, being in partnership with other humans in general – they take time to form. To develop. To mature.

Yet what I know to be true is that they will always always reveal their gifts to you.

I’ve found this to be true in so many areas of my life. I’ve been grouped together with people I would never have “found” on my own accord – and they have become my deepest, longest connections.

Some of my closest friendships have existed predominantly through text messages, phone calls and Skype sessions.

The beauty of human interaction comes in many forms and I often wow myself when I stop to reflect on all the friends I have in my life to this day.

It’s just one of the many reasons I’m beyond excited (and a teeny bit nervous! ) about this week’s premier of the Friends Reunion Special! Will you be watching it? Drop me a reply and let me know!

I feel like they’ll be doing a lot of reminiscing and acknowledging of the power of friendships and honouring the support systems we have in our lives.

Here’s to all our friends. May they always know how grateful we are for their love and support.